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“Water is life. When you get in the water it becomes your friend and continues to give.”

My name is Shana Howard, and I am a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am currently living in Huntsville, Alabama. I am a school teacher at an elementary school and an adjunct professor at Alabama A&M University. I am a single mother raising two kids, and a survivor of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I find great victory in rephrasing my TBI into a TESTIMONY BEYOND IMAGINATION. Recently, I wrote a book named, “BRAIN-E-YAK Wonders” and it explains how I overcame a TBI.

I received my Associates of Arts degree in 2001 from Lawson State Community
college, and Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from Alabama A&M University in 2005. I obtained my first master’s degree in 2010 from Alabama A&M University in Physical Education and my second Master’s Degree in 2018 from Alabama A&M university in Leadership.

All-Around Athlete, was founded in 2019  and more recently I have established a non-profit organization called Swim with Spice.


Swimming teaches endurance and tenacity.


Swimming builds confidence and helps everyone to have a sense of accomplishment.


We create miracles in three days. From fear to fearLESS we help people swim to their fullest potential.

i am a miracle

Purchase and read my story of tragedy to triumph, a TBI (Testimony Beyond Imagination)

shana howard

Coach, author, mother, teacher